Meet our new Heritage Manager

After two and a half years at Pennine Heritage, our Heritage Manager Dr Francesca Elliott will be leaving us on 10th April. The role will be taken over by Dr Andrew McTominey, joining us from our partner organisation the University of Huddersfield.

Francesca joined us in November 2021, launching our Knowledge Transfer Partnership with the University of Huddersfield. Since then, she has taken the lead on developing exhibitions, events, and public programming to share our region’s heritage. She has worked with academics at the university to facilitate research in the South Pennine Archives, and has transformed the reception area of the Birchcliffe Centre into an exhibition space where this research can be shared. Reflecting on her time at Pennine Heritage, Francesca says:

“I’ve had a wonderful experience working at Pennine Heritage, developing the heritage resources at the Birchcliffe Centre to create a hub for history and culture in Hebden Bridge. I have particularly enjoyed growing our team of volunteers, seeing the enthusiasm that so many people share for the history of this area, and bringing new voices into the Pennine Heritage team. Through our partnership with the University of Huddersfield, we are harnessing the potential of the South Pennine Archives, and engaging academics and students alike with the history of this area. I am pleased to be leaving the partnership in good hands with Andrew, and look forward to seeing all that will be achieved at Pennine Heritage in the future.”

Andrew, who completed his PhD at Leeds Beckett University in 2019, has worked with different heritage organisations for the past nine years. Having also taught in universities for several years, he is well placed to continue to develop our partnership with the University of Huddersfield.

"I’m really excited to continue the brilliant work that Francesca has undertaken as Heritage Manager at Pennine Heritage. As we come towards the end of the Knowledge Transfer Partnership with the University of Huddersfield, there are a number of projects that have the real potential to impact educational programmes at different levels coming to fruition. I’m also looking forward to working with tenants and volunteers to continue to develop the Birchcliffe Centre as a local community hub and as a site of heritage for Hebden Bridge."