Wild Rose Arts

About Wild Rose Arts

Wild Rose Heritage and Arts, now part of Pennine Heritage Ltd, is a community group which takes its name from the area in which we are located – the valley (“den”) of the wild rose (“Heb”) – Hebden Bridge, which is in Calderdale, West Yorkshire. They began as an oral history project, recording the memories of elderly people who told them about their lives growing up in the local valleys. They then expanded their activities and focus, working with a variety of age groups to understand the ways in which people both change, and are changed by, the places in which they live and work.

They believe that oral history can play a valuable role in the fostering of communal identity, by giving participants both a sense of belonging and the confidence to participate in the life and work of the community.

To visit their website and listen to the interviews  CLICK HERE 

Heritage walks

They have also organised group heritage walks along three different routes around Hebden Bridge. You can do these walks yourself by following the maps and downloading podcasts of information about key points on the routes.

View over Hebden Bridge around 1910 from Wood Top.
Eaves Rocks above Colden Clough near Heptonstall. A popular rock climbing venue.
  • Colden Valley Walk

    The walk starts at Bankfoot, Hebden Bridge and travels up the Colden Valley alongside the river and various tracks and ends at Jack Bridge and New Delight pub.

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Enjoying a day in the Crags.