Over the years Pennine Heritage has written and sold many publications, the Pennine Magazine, The Heptonstall Trail booklet and Milltown Memories are just  a few. See more details below.

Pennine Magazine

Pennine Magazine, the iconic 48 page bi-monthly magazine, famous for its strong black and white covers promoted the aims, philosophy and activities of the Trust in addition to well researched heritage features.

Entirely produced by volunteers, it ran to 66 issues before succumbing to adverse economic factors and an ill-fated commercial partnership. It achieved a dedicated following in its time and is as good a read today as when first published. All of the 66  back issues of the magazine have been digitised, but are not available on the web due to their large file size. We are however able to supply all of the back issues loaded onto a memory stick however, for a charge of £10 plus £1.50 postage and packing.

A limited number of back copies are also available for most issues from 1980 to the early 1990’s for £1 each plus postage and packing.

Please email, phone or call into the Birchcliffe Centre, Birchcliffe Road, Hebden Bridge, HX7 8DG






HeptoNStall town trail


This booklet about the ancient village of Heptonstall contains information and early photos of the village together with a fold out map of the walk. The trail is about one mile in length, and has 29 points of interest. There are two recommended extensions of a further 1/4 mile of easy walking. The whole walk will ideally need about 1 1/1 hours.

Copies are available from Pennine Heritage for £3.00  each plus postage and packing.

Milltown Memories


Milltown Memories, a more recent quarterly magazine, produced by Issy Shannon and Frank Woolrych under the Pennine Heritage banner highlighted aspects of the area’s heritage and was well illustrated by historic sepia prints from the Alice Longstaff collection.

Back numbers of many issues are available and may be obtained from Pennine Heritage for £2.00 each plus postage and packing.

For more information on Milltown Memories, please visit the Milltown Memories website HERE