A few of our tenants

We have a wide variety of tenants here at the Birchcliffe Centre, they include –



A Dance Specialist who has been teaching in education and community settings for over 9 years. Bryony teaches dance for a range of ages from  0-4 years in Mini Movers to the Mature Mover in DanceAbility.  Bryony also teaches Pilates for adults across Calderdale.

Situated in the Birchcliffe Centre, The Bridge Pilates Studio is the first Pilates equipment studio in Hebden Bridge.

For more information visit – bryonydancepilates.com  and  thebridgepilatesstudio


Caroline Tiler-Ansell,  Therapeutic Kneads   Advanced Complementary Healthcare Practitioner

Whether you’re an athlete, go to the gym, a busy professional, frazzled parent or you just want to feel the benefits of a holistic treatment, there’s a therapy to suit your requirements at Therapeutic Kneads.

For more information visit  –  therapeutickneads.co.uk




is situated directly behind the Birchcliffe Centre…

Hebden Bridge Hostel is ideal for groups and individuals attending our conference / exhibition / celebration space and can be booked (subject to availability) exclusively or on a person-by-person basis.

The hostel is available for groups all-year round and for individuals and small groups from the Easter holidays until Bonfire Night.

Accommodation is for up to 33 people, in rooms of 2, 3, 4 or 6 beds.ct.

Hebden Bridge Hostel website is HERE

To make enquiries or to book, please email mama@hebdenbridgehostel.co.uk or call 01422 843183


About Hebden Bridge School

We seek to create a learning environment that nurtures each individual, whether student or staff. We opened in Hebden Bridge on September 5th, 2016 as a one-day school and are looking to build up gradually to full-time provision while still offering flexi-schooling options for our students. We foster optimum receptivity to learning through yoga and meditation, democratic decision making and cross-subject learning. Small class sizes, never more than 20, enable closer teacher-student relationships. For us the “classroom” is an exciting learning place which also includes the natural world.

The learning environment, combined with the excellence of our teachers, will help our students succeed at GCSEs. To keep the flame of learning alive both teachers and students need to be constantly challenged. Soulful creativity is at the centre of all that we do, and we are all learners here. We hope that children will leave our school with a sense of purpose and confidence in themselves as unique human beings ready to break new ground in their path through life.

Have a look around our website and see what we offer. For more information contact us .


I am a public and community artist working mainly in the medium of architectural ceramics. The content of project work has generally covered geographic, historic, rural and urban heritage. I have worked on multi cultural themes with the group Connecting Cultures and on my “pocket park” project in Wolverhampton looking at patterns passed down through generations.

For more information visit   –  facebook.com/ceramicsbirchcliffecentre



Metamorphosis: perform & transform. The Urban-Organ project; sharing, exploring, and re-imagining music.

For more information visit  –   facebook.com/metamorphosisurbanorgan